From left to right-Sydney Velez (JCCHS), Hayden Salyer (UGA), and Abby Caballero (UGA) ran the race for Tracker Fire.  Hayden won the overall race and Men's Overall Award!  Sydney and Abby both took 1ST place in their age groups, too!  Congratulations to Hayden, Abby, and Sydney!


11/02/2016 06:46

Today people are very aware of the technologies that are being used around them and many people used fire alarm in their houses too for the safety of their houses. This article also help us to know a lot that how to remain safe and sound.


It is a helpful move for all of us to see. There are numbers that we can use for contact purposes and so that they may help us in those emergency times. I will save them and I will organize those contacts so that it will be easy for me to reach those hotlines. I will not make fun of it and I will be there to support this. We all need this and it will guide us to be wise in those times.

07/02/2017 07:31

Only 5k? It's not really long) I think 10 can be great!


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