Sydney is shipping off for US Army Reserves Basic Combat Training on Monday, June 29th!  Tracker Fire wishes her the best while she is enjoying lots of fresh air and exercise!  Hopefully she will be retuning around Thanksgiving!  You can do this Sydney!


01/16/2017 05:56

Another brave woman that chose to dedicate her life for the liberty of her fellow countrymen. I am so impressed with her courage and determination to pursue her dream to be a soldier. There are a lot of jobs that suit her, but she chose the one which has no assurance of her security. For me, soldiers are still underrated today because some people don't appreciate their efforts to assure that every day is safe. We can't pay any amount to the soldiers who have died fighting for the sake of the safety of our country.

06/24/2017 13:21

She is a great person indeed. I hope she is doing fine right now.

08/04/2017 09:09

I am so happy for her! I hope she is doing fine now. You should post some news here.


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